Billing and Cancellation Policy​

  • You may cancel your free trial at any time by completing the form here.  

  • Unless canceled, your free trial will automatically convert to a paid subscription. Your paid subscription will renew automatically each month and your credit card will be charged on the same date each month based on when your subscription commenced. 

  • Payment and cancellation of monthly subscriptions will be made through your PayPal account.  You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

  • Alrotra does not have access to your financial information you enter on PayPal.   Alrotra is not responsible for any issues related to payment and cancellation of monthly subscriptions, or issues with PayPal functionality.  

  • Regardless of when you give notice to cancel your monthly subscription, you will not receive a refund of any amount you have paid, even for future periods. ​

  • If we are unable to charge your card on the due date, this will constitute an automatic termination of your subscription on that date.

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