Before proceeding, please be sure you have watched and followed the instructions in the Introduction video in Getting Started.


These lessons were designed for the total beginner as well as for the more experienced student. Because everyone's musical background and schedule are different, you will determine a sensible pace and timeline for completion that is right for you. 

The instruction is sequential and each lesson builds on the lesson before. So, it's important to take the lessons in order and develop a basic mastery of the material in each lesson before moving on to the next one. 

Music as language:

In my mind, there is a strong relationship between music and language. So, my approach with the 10 essential lessons is one of language acquisition. When you're finished with these lessons, you will be able to communicate, clearly and effectively, using music. 

In the videos, I may on occasion refer to 'chord progressions in Art'. After much consideration, I chose not to introduce a new category (Art) but decided to offer more instruction to round out your understanding of music. The additional instruction can be found in the four bonus lessons. 

Take note & remember:​

  • The lessons are sequential and were designed to be followed in order.  

  • Most lessons have two outlines - Learn & Understand and Do & Practice - which will support the instruction and guide your learning. To get the most from each lesson, be sure to read the outlines carefully, listen closely to the teaching and work on the material.

  • The only variable in this course is the time needed to understand and gain a basic mastery of the material. So, learn at your own pace and move on to the next lesson only when you're ready to!  

  • Practice 3 ways: with your fingers, with your mind and with your ear!