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This website contains a curriculum - 10 Essential Lessons - that will provide you the skills and understanding to be creative in music. Designed for the keyboard, ​what you learn here can be applied to creating on the computer and on other instruments.


Different from traditional music studies, these lessons do not require note reading. In order to create, music needs to come from inside of you and reading notes often gets in the wayWith the 10 Essential Lessons, the focus is on learning with your fingers, with your mind and with your ear.

The lessons are sequential, evidence-based and easy-to-follow, and can be taken by anyone regardless of age or ability. Two introductory lessons are provided for those new to music or to the keyboard.

Everything is Free

While work continues to be done on video editing and site building, all content is provided free of charge. To get access, all you have to do is create an account with your email and password.

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