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An Education for the Keyboard Designed for

Understanding and Creating Music

The education: 10 essential lessons that teach theory (language), ear training and keyboarding skills.  I created a method to teach these concepts that does not use note reading.  This method is unique but the content closely follows Courses 1 and 2 of Berklee College of Music’s Harmony curriculum.  

This education will provide you the knowledge and skills to authentically participate in the American music tradition.  You'll be able to play countless songs in any key.  You'll also be able to create your own arrangements of these songs, improvise, and compose your own original music.  This education isn't a novelty or gimmick.  It can be easily followed by engaged and curious students.  

The cost: In Language: first lesson: free, Lessons 2-10: $6 / lesson.  In Art: introduction and first chord progression: free, access to all progressions: $6.  These 13 hours of instruction and 37 handouts - is being sold at huge savings.  This education is the real deal and is being offered to you at huge savings.  Buy and save 90%.

13 hours of Instruction and 44 Original Handouts

  • Understand how music works

  • No note reading

  • Create your own original music​

  • Play countless songs

  • Play by ear

  • Play in any key​

A Unique & Engaging Education | Fun & Rewarding Outcomes

This site contains an education that will open up the world of music and creativity to you.  This education will teach you to understand how music works.  With this understanding, you will be able to authentically play music from the American tradition (rock and roll, rhythm and blues, jazz, pop, country, more); accompany a vocalist and play in a band without needing to read notes on a page; and create your own original music.  

A Well-Crafted Education 

This education contains two parts: Language and Art.  There are 10 essential lessons in Language that explain the fundamental principles of music.  The instruction is sequential and organized and the explanations are clear and easily understood.  Art teaches common chord progressions which serve as the foundation of countless songs.  The 10 essential lessons in Language will provide all the knowledge and skills needed to do the work in Art.  

Getting Started Is Easy

Everyone, regardless of their experience with music and the keyboard, will need to begin with Lesson 1 in Language.  From there, everyone will work on the material at their own pace.  Adults, high school and middle school students can do this work on their own.  Younger students, who show an interest in music but for whom traditional studies may not be the best fit, can work on this education together with an adult.  

To be sure that everyone is prepared for Lesson 1 in Language, here are a few introductory videos.  Please click on Getting Started and watch the first video.  (All the videos here are free.)

Small Cost | Big Benefits

For the same cost as a 30 minute lesson, you will have access to everything in this site for 30 days.  You will be able to learn on your schedule and at your pace.  At only $29.99 / month, this education is a great value and fits in everyone's budget.


Please click here for more details and to purchase:

Free Sample Videos

From Language, here's a sample from Lesson 1:

From Art, here's a sample of a Chord Progression:

About Jeff

My name is Jeff Pietrzak.  I am the founder of Alrotra and creator of everything you see here.  My areas of expertise are music and foreign languages.  I love to learn about and explain these related disciplines.  For many years I have given private music lessons to students of all ages and taught foreign languages to high school students.  I created this website because I wanted to share my unique approach to learning music with a larger audience.

I studied at the Berklee College of Music and graduated from the University of Scranton with a degree in Modern Languages.  I live in Baltimore with my wife and two sons.