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Lesson Info + Free Examples

Music is a language. Learning this language is the key to meaningful creativity and lifelong learning. It should be an integral part of everyone's music education. These lessons will teach you the language of music using clear, uncomplicated and easy-to-follow instruction. Note reading is not required.

These lessons are for everyone, regardless of age or ability. A prior background in music is not needed. Curiosity and a desire to learn are the only requirements.

Getting Started (34 mins)

If you're new to music or to the keyboard, there are two introductory lessons that will get you ready to take the course. You will learn the musical alphabet, the white and black keys on the keyboard and important musical terms. Example.

Please note: After subscribing, the first video to watch is the Introduction in Getting Started.

The 10 Essential Lessons (11.4 hrs)

The 10 Essential Lessons were designed to be taken in order. Work on the material at a pace that's comfortable for you.

Lessons 1- 6 (4.5 hrs)

Harmony is the focus of the first six lessons. You will learn to play all the important triads and chords found in American music - and you'll do this without needing to read notes! Example.

Lessons 7 & 8 (2.3 hrs)

These lessons focus on understanding melody and harmony, and the relationships that exist between them. You will learn the two main scales used for creating melodies, and the related harmonies you can play to support a melody. Example.

Lesson 9 (2.2 hrs)

The focus of these two lessons is on understanding how songs are constructed. You will learn more about harmony, why the modes are important, and how songs in major and minor keys are made. Example.

Lesson 10 (1.9 hrs)

This lesson focuses on rhythm, which provides structure to a song. Using a metronome, you will learn to 'tah' and then play common rhythm patterns on your keyboard. Example.

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