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What You'll Be Able To Do...

In Lessons 1 through 6, you will learn the harmonies (the triads and chords) that you'll need to create your own music and to play songs by other composers. After taking these six lessons and working on the material, you will be able to play any song in any key, accompanying yourself (or another singer or instrumentalist) as you play the chords. The chords and lyrics of almost any song can be found online, and these six lessons will provide you the skills and understanding to play any of them. 

Lessons 7 and 8 will build on what you learned in the first six lessons. These two lessons will help you understand melody and how to use triads and chords to support a song's melody. After viewing these lessons and working on the material, you will have the skills and understanding to pick out a song's melody by ear and to also create your own melody.

Lesson 9 draws on your knowledge of harmony and melody that you acquired in the first 8 lessons and will teach you how songs (in both major and minor keys) are created. After viewing this lesson, you will understand the songs of other composers and you will also have the understanding to create songs of your own. 

Lesson 10 focuses on rhythm, the glue that holds songs together. In this lesson, you will learn to use a metronome to ensure that you play in time. You will also learn how rhythm helps to provide organization in a song.

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