A Great Way To Learn Music

  • A course with 10 essential lessons and no note reading.

  • Completely different from a traditional music education. 

  • Learn to really understand how music works.

  • Use your knowledge to create, jam out & have fun!

My course will give you the tools so you can fully express yourself, just like the kids in the video!

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My Guarantee

If you take the course and work on the material, I guarantee that you will be able to:​

  • Create your own original, great-sounding music.

  • Authentically play music from the American tradition - the blues, rock & roll, rhythm & blues, country, pop, jazz.  

Lesson details with examples are below.


A subscription will provide:

  • Full access to the entire course.

  • 15 hours of easy-to-understand and well-organized instruction.

  • 40 pages of clear and detailed outlines that will support the instruction and guide your learning.

Subscription packages for one, three or six months.

Prices as low as $20 / month.

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More Info

This is a carefully thought out course with step-by-step instruction, designed for the total beginner as well as for the more experienced student.

This course is self-guided: everyone will determine a sensible pace and timeline for completion.   

To begin the course: first watch the intro video in Getting Started. Then take the lessons in order

Here are details about the lessons with examples:

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