The Authentic Approach to Playing American Music

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The authentic approach to playing American music - the blues, rock & roll, rhythm & blues, country, pop, jazz - is not by reading notes on a page. Instead, you have to train your ear and develop an understanding of how music works.

If you want to:

  1. play your favorite songs in any key and without needing to read notes

  2. improvise and accompany, as a soloist or as part of a band

  3. compose your own original music

...then keep reading to learn more!

What You Get

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  • 40 pages of clear and detailed outlines to guide your learning - what you will need to 'Learn & Understand' and 'Do & Practice' - and examples of common chord progressions that serve as the foundation of thousands of songs.

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About the Course

This video-based course for the keyboard contains 10 essential lessons that will teach you ear training, harmony and music theory. Watch the intro video in Getting Started first and take the lessons in order. Here are more details about what you will learn:

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