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The 10 Essential Lessons provide an entirely different and non-traditional approach to learning music on the piano or keyboard. There's no note reading nor emphasis on classical repertoire. 

The focus of the 10 Essential Lessons is on helping you understand how music works. With an understanding of music, you'll be able to:

  • create your own original music on your instrument or on your computer

  • collaborate and make great-sounding music with other musicians and vocalists

  • improvise

  • play thousands of songs from the American tradition - the blues, rock & roll, rhythm & blues, country, pop, jazz - authentically (in any key and without needing to read notes)

​The value of the 10 Essential Lessons is in the quality and clarity of the teaching and in the organized and thoughtful design of the curriculum. The lessons are highly informative yet easy-to-follow and have the comfortable feel of a private lesson. 

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