The Authentic Approach to Playing American Music

The authentic approach to playing American music (the blues, R&B, rock & roll, country, pop) is not by reading notes on a page. Instead, you have to train your ear and develop an understanding of music.

This website contains a video-based course for the keyboard that will teach you these skills. After taking this course, you will be able to play all your favorite tunes in any key and without needing to read sheet music.  

What You Get

With a subscription, you will have full access to over 17 hours of high-quality, easy-to-follow instruction. Also included are 40 original handouts - essentially a mini text book - that will support the instruction in each video and guide your learning. 

  • Yearly subscription: $120, which works out to just $10 / mo.

  • Monthly subscription: $20.

About the Course

This course contains 10 essential lessons that will teach you ear training, harmony and music theory. To authentically play American music, improvise and compose your own original music, this is the skill set you need to learn. You will learn all these skills without needing to read notes.   

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