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  • The 10 Essential Lessons that promote creativity and collaboration on your instrument or on your computer. 

  • Free (for now)

The 10 Essential Lessons, designed for the keyboard, are sequential, evidence-based and easy-to-follow. They can be taken by anyone regardless of age or experience. Two introductory lessons are provided for those new to music or to the keyboard.

In order to create, music needs to come from within you. This curriculum ensures that music is where it's needed most: in your fingers, in your mind and in your ear. Relying on note reading often inhibits creativity; therefore, note reading isn't a component of the 10 Essential Lessons. 

Learn about Jeff: veteran teacher, lifelong musician and site creator. 

Getting Started is Easy and Free

While work continues, all content is provided free of charge. Take note that all videos in Lessons 1 through 6 are edited, organized and ready to go.

Lessons 7 through 10 are now being edited and organized for clarity. The original unedited videos from these lessons are available if you'd like a preview.

In Supplemental Lessons, the original unedited videos in Foundational Chord Progressions are available to view. This section will eventually include instruction on chord inversions and the Blues.

If you experience any issues with the videos or if you have questions about any of the instruction, please email Jeff.

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