Everyone Should Learn Music This Way

  • 10 essential lessons.

  • Completely different from a traditional music education.

  • No note reading.

  • Learn to really understand how music works.

  • Use your knowledge to create, jam out & have fun!

This short, informative video (57s) will help you know if these lessons are right for you.

Approach & Information

Music is a language. Learning this language is the key to meaningful creativity and lifelong learning. It should be an integral part of everyone's music education.  

These lessons will teach you the language of music using clear, uncomplicated, easy-to-follow instruction. Learn more about the lessons and view free examples.


A subscription will provide unlimited access to the 10 essential lessons. 

$99 / academic year


$59 / semester 

4 Bonus Lessons - a $47 value - free with every subscription.